Blestemul Calatorului


Motto: „Once you make the whole universe your backyard, it becomes just that, a backyard.”

Intr-una din scurtele vizite pe Reddit, am dat de un comentariu foarte interesant, care m-a pus pe ganduri. Fiind avid dupa calatorii si intalnirea cu oameni noi, m-a lovit destul de puternic notiunea de „blestemul calatorului”. L-am simtit dar nu am putut sa ii dau niciodata un nume, sa il definesc cumva, dar e retinerea de a pleca dintr-un loc nou catre casa, e fuga de lume si dorinta de a merge mai departe si a nu te intoarce.  Este:

An old vagabond in his 60s told me about it over a beer in Central America, goes something like this: The more places you see, the more things you see that appeal to you, but no one place has them all. In fact, each place has a smaller and smaller percentage of the things you love, the more things you see. It drives you, even subconsciously, to keep looking, for a place not that’s perfect (we all know there’s no Shangri-La), but just for a place that’s „just right for you.” But the curse is that the odds of finding „just right” get smaller, not larger, the more you experience. So you keep looking even more, but it always gets worse the more you see. This is Part A of the Curse.

Part B is relationships. The more you travel, the more numerous and profoundly varied the relationships you will have. But the more people you meet, the more diffused your time is with any of them. Since all these people can’t travel with you, it becomes more and more difficult to cultivate long term relationships the more you travel. Yet you keep traveling, and keep meeting amazing people, so it feels fulfilling, but eventually, you miss them all, and many have all but forgotten who you are. And then you make up for it by staying put somewhere long enough to develop roots and cultivate stronger relationships, but these people will never know what you know or see what you’ve seen, and you will always feel a tinge of loneliness, and you will want to tell your stories just a little bit more than they will want to hear them. The reason this is part of the Curse is that it gets worse the more you travel, yet travel seems to be a cure for a while.

None of this is to suggest that one should ever reduce travel. It’s just a warning to young Travelers, to expect, as part of the price, a rich life tinged with a bit of sadness and loneliness, and angst that’s like the same nostalgia everyone feels for special parts of their past, except multiplied by a thousand.

The traveler awaits the morning tide

He doesn’t know what’s on the other side

But something deep inside of him

Keeps telling him to go

He hasn’t found a reason to say no

The traveler is only passing through

He cannot understand your point of view

Abandoning reality, unsure of what he’ll find

The traveler in me is close behind.

Face sens, cu cat vezi mai multe locuri, te simti mai mic, cu cat inveti mai mult cu atat simti ca stii tot mai putin. Ca intotdeauna echilibrul e cel mai greu de obtinut.

Vrei sa vezi lumea, dar la ce esti dispus sa renunti pentru a face asta?